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David WTF Nov 23 2017

really digging how beat up that pussy looks. hot

wejustcrazy Aug 20 2017

The beauty in this woman :)

Urballsux Nov 11 2016

Amazing I got this video from CB and it's great for a first time dirty talk video can't wait to see more!!!  Especially joi vids😛

adrax3 Oct 3 2016

IMHO, you are much prettier and hotter on MV than you were on 'studio porn.'  Thanks for sharing!

MistressGeisha Jul 18 2016

Youre so beautiful!<3<3<3

Brandid Jul 23 2016
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Wow, the opening segment: wish I could just live in that moment. Perfection. It was over to fast for me. Panties are pulled quickly to the side revealing the pussy. Masturbation with fingers begins almost immediately. Wish the pussy reveal had been done a few times. Maybe Show it off, cover it again, repeat. Some touching through the material would have been great. Seeing the panties a few more times. I guess I felt like the power of the beautiful panties, bra, you look, and starting angle could have been leveraged a bit more. The angle of view is great for the reveal and showing off the outfit. Breasts look beautiful at the beginning angle too. It would have been great for some more external masturbation.

We move pretty rapidly to a lot of dildo and vibrator use. Not my thing. But here goes. Asshole is tucked out of view for a short bit, but starts to come in to view more when the toys appear which is pretty quick. By the end of the video your asshole is in our face along with the pussy....both very close. There are a lot close ups, all include a bit of your face in frame. So no macro shots of just your bush. I'm extremely fond of the outfit, makeup, hair. In general the beginning. The wider shots that include more leg. Not a fan of toy closeup masturbation and in general the compositions as we move closer. The asshole in the closeups isn't my thing, but for fans of this genre of masturbation I think they'd find your take on in excellent in this video. You have great skin. Even when you do get close there really aren't any blemishes that stand out or detract from a beautiful pussy. The asshole competes for some viewer attention. Didn't like it so much, but again for fans of that I think they will get plenty of your asshole.

There wasn't a lot of dirty talk and it was masked and overpowered by the music. The music was a good component though. Enjoyed listening to your first dirty talk video none the less. I want more and better from you! Would love to hear you talk dirty more. Fine tune your speaking just a bit, tweak the way you express yourself verbally. There is so much pleasure expressed beautifully in your face at the beginning and you connected. Get comfortable with you voice being a point of focus/connection too. You have a great voice, but I got the feeling like you said it was your first ever dirty talk video. You'd add a new level of engaging your viewers as you do more dirty talk, jerk off instruction, ETC.

A+ though. I did feel fully engaged by this video. At the beginning for a bit. I immediately felt connected, excited, and that we were intimate. I felt convinced that you were viewing and finding pleasure from me as I was from you. That sort of ability to create a connection is gold. Careful use of words, dirty talk, ETC gives you one more tool to make your viewer feel even more connected. We all have different particular visual preferences and angles we like and while the quantity of what I like wasn't there for me the quality was off the chart. No regret's with my purchase. Even the light was better at the very beginning of the scene. Subtle changes in your position or distance to the light can really impact the exposure and pattern of light on skin, so can changes in the light like cloud density or distance from light. But again could just be that you moved a bit out of good light as the video progressed.

You are beautiful and look really good particularly in this one scene. Almost felt like you'd returned from some real life big important event and took advantage of an amazing outfit and look you'd created to put a video together for us.

Redcad Aug 18 2016
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I wanted to see this one since you announced on your Twitter, and finally decided to give it a go. I don't regret my purchase. From the start, you are already down to business, and you look fantastic. That "not yet" was exciting for some reason, I have to say. You continue this until an orgasm comes, and you look so sexy at that moment. Almost could smell the sex in the air. Keep up the good content Emily!

Parukhan Jul 17 2016
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This is a fantastic vid...if you are a fan of Emily Grey or not its amazing. The way the vid is approached Emily gives the impression that all she says and does is just for you.. its seems very personal very intimate. I guess its ok to be vulgar here. You gotta love her beautiful natural furry pussy. 'Nuff said..buy this VID NOW!!! Don't think about it just do it. You can catch her on CB as well. Great Vid Emily can't wait to see what you come up with next!!

grizz11 - Top reviewer Jul 21 2016
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There's no time spared getting started in this take, starts with her crotch covered then wanks the garment to the right to expose her perfect labia majora and minora surrounded by her gorgeous patch of hair growing from her mons pubis; her entire vulva is spectacular. She keeps her cloths on the entire take to suggest a semi-public quickie. Emily has her legs hiked up then entire time which screams she wants it bad. Her hair is perfect, ready to get destroyed in some heart-pounding vigorous ravishing. Her asshole peeks out to tease on close up angles, which there are plenty of them. There's no doubt she is revved up and creams in the first 90 seconds, teases you with a taste as she tongues her fingers clean. And much more cream to follow. When the toy comes out to play you can hear it smacking with her semi-deep vigorous thrusts. And then Emily's facial expression as she reaches climax and her muscles contracting is just priceless.

Hairybear Feb 15 2017
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I couldn't help but moan along with Emily's seductive voice in this video. Her creamy pussy had my mouth watering; just pure pleasure. Can't recommend this video enough!

Infamous_czar - Top reviewer Nov 27 2016
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Emily is one sweet amazing woman in this video and man can she dirty talk well! This video is going to blow your mind and I assure you that you'll be watching it again and again. Emily is by far the best out there, see for yourself and pick up this video! You won't be sorry!

Erosuke deleted Oct 17 2016
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Emily is just too beautiful. This vid shows exactly why. Been in love since I first saw you. Glad to have found you again. Keep making amazing videos.

adrax3 - Top reviewer Oct 3 2016
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I knew I'd seen the beautiful E.G. from other sources before, but basically I'm ecstatic that I've gotten to see her in all her natural glory, as the universe intended! I think the music was a fine backdrop to this show of semi-private feminine pleasure. Emily Grey is a treasure!

pzych0 - Top reviewer Oct 17
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Like Emily cant get any more amazing, yes she can in this video she is fucking fantastic!

Kevrcoon - Top reviewer Jul 1
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Wow, I love this video. Thanks;)

nygayboy - Top reviewer Jan 25 2018
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love the hairy

Rodiscool - Top reviewer Jan 15 2018
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Loved this Video !

black_ice23 Sep 14 2016
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bought this video yesterday love...I haven't been able to download since purchased..:(...thank u....vinnie

Emily Grey Sep 14 2016

so instead of messaging me you decided to give me 3 stars? besides that's not something I can control, you have to message manyvids in order to gain access to it. But thanks for leaving a crappy review instead.

This is my first ever dirty talk video! Please be gentle! 11 Min + video shot on iphone 6. Mostly POV/close up angles and of course DIRTY TALK! I get super creamy in this vid! *Sorry for the loud music in the background, roommates are a pain