Two Sisters Make A Wrong Turn Part 1

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With Jenny Jett, Carmen Valentina And Brenda Bound In 1280x720x6000kbps High Quality HD for a stunning clear download. Bondage, BDSM, Damsel In Distress, Custom, Girl Girl, Lesbian, Taboo, Girl Girl, Gagged, Naked, Bound Orgasm, Role Play, Pierced Nipples, Virgin, Domination, Submissive, Tanned Bodies, Rope, Post Tie, On Her Knees, Blonde CUSTOM COMMISSION: It was the sisters last hurrah together before college. They planned a vacation to Florida for some fun and sun. The older sister had made all the arrangements. Rental car, flights and motels etc etc. There vacation got off to a terrible start. Plain was delayed and there luggage was lost. The airline told them to go ahead to the motel and they would get them there luggage. They go to get the rental car and yet again another problem. The car they was supposed to have rented wasn't there. All the rental company had was a new Convertible Camero. It cost a bunch more but the girls thought being a convertible it would be worth it. They leave the rental company and put the top down. It was so hot after driving for a while they went to put it back up and it didn't work. They thought let's just call the rental company and they would send someone out to fix it. They call and no one answers. They got a recording saying the number had been disconnected. They thought that was weird. They put the address in there GPS to the motel. They had been driving for about an hour and thought they should be there by now. The GPS kept loosing signal and they got turned around. They had made a wrong turn and ended way out in the country. Now to top things off the car was starting to mess up. They scene an old warehouse way back off the road and thought someone there might be able to help them. They start down the driveway and the car just dies. The younger sister was really worried. Here they was way down in south Florida alone. They had no phone signal and there car was messed up. They notice two cars up by the building. They thought surely someone was here that could help them. They walk up to the big open door and yelled is anybody here. No one answers they knock on the inside door Nothing. They start to notice cameras and things setting around. They thought my god what is this place. The little sister wanted to try the outside door before they leave. The older sister just wanted to get out of there. They walk around to the other door and knock and yell for help. The door slowly opens. It was an older woman dressed in office ware. The two girls was like thank god. Mam we need some help they ask. The woman asked whats wrong. They tell her about the terrible day they was having and about there car breaking down. The woman was like let me get this straight. You two are all the way out here alone and know one knows where you are. The naive little sister says yes and to top things off our cell phones don't even work. The woman just smiles and pulls something from behind her back. The girls scream in terror. They beg her to please not hurt them. They tell her we will do anything you ask. The woman just laughs again and tells them that she knows they will. She orders the two sisters to strip out in the hot sun. She makes them put there hands behind there heads and marches them in the building. She takes them to a back room. As they enter the room both girls was scared out of there mind. The older sister ask my god what is this place. The woman orders her to shut up and stand against the post. She orders the younger sister to take off her panties and kneel on the floor. The woman tells them it was time for some fun. The woman was a Lesbian that loved to play with young girls. She ties the older sister to the post. She takes her panties off and ties her legs apart. She orders the younger sister to stand up and shove her panties in her sisters mouth. The woman tapes them in place. She turns the younger sister around and ties her hands behind her back. She puts her to her knees in front of her older sister. She tells her guess what your going to do. Grabbing a hand full of hair she shoves her face in her older sister's pussy. They both scream out begging her to stop. The woman just laughs and orders her to lick. The woman enjoys herself as she plays with the older sisters tits while the younger sister is ordered to lick her pussy. She works the two sisters over for what seems like hours. The girls beg her to let them go. They promise they won't say anything to anybody. The woman steps back and just laughs. She tells them she knows they won't because they aren't going anywhere for a long time. Jenny, Carmen, Brenda are all available for custom video work. Shoot me an email to order yours today. (clip is 17:41 in duration) To enjoy all my video's for one low price check out Brendas Bound Dot Com today. Brought to you by BrendasBound Productions