Witch Feet - Angel Lee


Angel Lee

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This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me at the address above! Angel is a powerful witch and I am ask to become a woman for a day, to seduce a lesbian friend. Thankfully she agrees to help, in exchange of a service later. How hard could that be? She casts a spell, and then I lose consciousness. I awaken in Angel's body (from her own POV). Of course I am amazed and explore that firm body. Angel has an amazing wet pussy, strong legs, and sexy feet, so I start from the bottom and work my way up. I remove my high heels and admire my toes by massaging the soles and wiggling my toes. then I start to masturbate with my new pussy, while admiring my bare legs and feet. A female orgasm courses through my body, overwhelming me, and I lose consciousness. I wake up at Angel's feet and she tells me that she cursed my dick and it will harden every time I see red toes. As a cruel twist, I will only be able to cum on Angel's feet at her command. From now on, my dick belongs to her and I must obey her feet as a humble foot slave. She starts encouraging me to cum on her feet to seal the magic curse. This is not what I had in mind! Other Categories-transfer fetish, Footslave training, foot fetish, JOI, masturbation instruction, masturbation humilation, foot slave, foot worship. Toenail fetish, dirty talk, erotic magic