Fucked In The Woods

5:50 min - Jul 10 - .WMV - 251.94 MB


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HIGH DEF - 1280 X 720 HD WMV!!! Hubby told me to get dressed because he wanted to take me somewhere, so I slip on a dress and heels having no idea that he was planning on taking me for a walk through the woods at a park. Hmph! We'd been walking around a while when he came across a bench and took a seat. He invites me over and tells me it's lunch time. Little did I know ... he was my lunch! He whips out his cock and I wrap my lips around him, sucking him hard. He takes a seat on the bench and I climb on top of him and ride his cock until he spurts his love juice all over my pussy. I wonder if he brought any napkins to clean up with or if I'll be using leaves!?