The Perfect Girlfriend Virtual Sex

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You and Veruca find yourselves back in her bedroom after having a great time at her family's wedding. This isn't unusual, you two have spent hundreds of nights staying up late chatting. You've been best friends for years. Recently, Veruca broke up with her long-term boyfriend and you've been the rock holding her together and cheering her up. When the wedding came up, she didn't even have to ask, you offered to be her date. You know how much pressure her family puts on her to get married and have and after this last breakup, the last thing she wanted was to stand out as the "single girl." Veruca is so grateful for your friendship and you know this, but tonight she confesses that she's been thinking and evaluating her dating choices and you've been the ideal match for her all along! How could she have missed the signs all these years? Well, I guess sometimes you have to go through so real schmucks to appreciate what's been right in front of you. She asks if you'd be willing to test your chemistry together? You're compatible in every other way, but sexual chemistry is equally important. You agree, I mean how could you resist, you've been waiting for this moment for what seems like a decade! She undresses and shyly flirts with you. Staring up at you, she slowly drops to her knees to take your cock into her wet mouth. She quietly moans, clearly she's pleased with what she has found. As she climbs up on the bed, you follow her, but not before first tasting her sweet and pink pussy. You're happy with what you've found too. Once she's so wet she's begging for you to be inside her, you promptly agree. You slide into her gently, she's so tight and soft. You love the sight of her on her back, legs wide open, just for you. After she's cum, she sweetly asks if you'll cum inside of her. No doubt, there is some serious sexual chemistry between the two of you.