For Your Wife

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You little sissy bitch, I expect you’ll be sending me roses soon to offer up your gratitude. Here I present to you the solution to your failing marriage. I’m offering you a video to play for your wife that explains everything. I divulge all the details of your secret, sissy fetish and what you do on camera for me every week. In this video, I tell her how you’re a sissy and not a man like she had hoped to marry. I describe how you just want to be mocked and how you definitely meet the criteria, you definitely have the qualities of someone who just needs to be degraded. I explain how you like to take it up the ass, pretending a dildo is my strap-on cock and how you frequently show me how good you are at sucking and swallowing a dick. In this video, I point out how you like to dress up in women’s lingerie and I even apologize that some of her stuff is probably stretched out from you wearing it during our sessions. After she’s had a few minutes to comprehend this information, I then go on to convince her that this isn’t really a bad thing. It’s a good thing! I encourage her to dress you up like a little sissy maid, to make you in charge of all the cleaning and cooking in the house, to bring her breakfast in bed, rub her feet and above all, the greatest reward is that she never has to suffer through the ordeal of pretending to be satisfied by your tiny clitty. (I also explain to her that, that’s what we call your dick since it’s so small and pathetic.) And finally, I encourage her to find a real man. Oh no; I don’t want her to divorce you, I just want her to be able to have the sexual satisfaction she deserves. After all, she’s put up with all those times you convinced yourself to be a man and fuck your wife. And she has had to put up with every ending to that scenario: you squirting prematurely and her left unsatisfied. I encourage her to make you her sissy slave and then cuckold you as well. It’s only fair. It’s what’s right. As embarrassing as it is, use this video to tell your wife the truth. What are you waiting for, sissy? Don’t you want to save your marriage?