Turning Hotties Into Lesbians *Whole

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Camille is a lesbian who has a fetish for luring curious ladies into lesbian sex off of "Lezder". Well, Camille swiped right to on a sexy raven haired hottie named Alexis which has lead them to now. Camille and Alexis are in the middle of a date when Alexis says she has something to admit to Camille. Alexis admits this is her first time on a date with a girl and that she was just so over men and wanted to try something new. Camille chuckles and says that's what they all say, that that's how all lesbians are made super deviously. Camille talks Alexis into coming back to her house somehow where things get awkward and heated. Camille and Alexis are on the sofa watching a movie when Camille starts making advances on Alexis. (Rubbing her leg & inner thigh) Alexis looks down nervously at Camille's hand and says how they should take it slower. Camille doesn't want to take anything slow so she pushes Alexis down and stripping off her clothes layer by layer. Alexis nervously lays there not knowing what to do other than letting Camille strip her. Camille then makes her way in between Alexis's legs to remove her panties and taste her wetness when she looks up at her and says you're coming to the bedroom with me if you like it or not. Camille pushes Alexis down onto the bed fully nude sliding herself between Alexis's legs she looks up into Alexis's eyes and starts gently tasting Alexis. Camille strips down while still pleasing Alexis. Licking her sexy pussy before pulling out a hitachi to stimulate her even more! Alexis orgasms then sits up to the move into a scissor/tribbing position. She grinds herself against Camille letting out load moans of ecstasy before almost falling back from cumming too hard. Camille taste Alexis then edges Alexis to cum again as Alexis is sitting on her face