Escape Challenge Kimmy Lee

26:43 min - Jun 21 - .WMV - 986.70 MB


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The camera is rolling and Kimmy Lee is ready for the Great Exchange Challenge and she is confident that she can get out. If she does not, Scott can do whatever he wants to her! Kimmy will get $100 if she escapes. Scott grabs the saran wrap and starts encasing her body from her neck down. After the plastic wrap is on her, the duct tape comes out and he goes in circles around her body till she is completely wrapped. Kimmy is confused because she thinks that is all he is going to use! It is hard to balance, but she is still convinced she will win. He lifts and swings her around making her squeal! Kimmy has completed the first part of the Escape Challenge and is now on the floor waiting to complete the second. The saran wrap keeps her bound, but the tape insures that she is not getting out. The timer is set for 5 minutes and starts the escape process. Kimmy tries using her feet as leverage, but there is only a slight amount of bending in her knees, but she is spunky.The heat is getting to her and she is sweating underneath all of those layers. Does Kimmy make it out and get her $100 or does she lose the bet and have a naughty punishment