Freebie Tuesday

Elixir Torments & Squirts on Her Subgirl

4,933 5.0


American / Oregon
4,933 5.0
29:43 min - Jul 12 - .MP4 - 1.49 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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danpetman Jul 12 2016
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Oh boy, where to even start with this video. Two gorgeous, sexy, extremely in-synch performers, three cameras, 30 minutes and what looks like about a pint of female ejaculate; this video has it all. There are honestly too many individual moments of greatness to go through them all, but suffice it to say that it's rare to see such genuine, unabashed lust and desire on film. It's simply unmissable.

wcyanmvwc Jan 31 2017
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Wow, two lovely woman embracing in such sexy acts. It is just a pleasure to see as Zander is being dominated and being satisfied and teased and to hear her lovely voice and sounds as it all happens is incredibly sexy. To see both of them get turned on as things progress is lovely. And of course it will surely turn you on. To see Zander eating Elixir out as she is sitting on her face is so very hot!!! You will not be disappointed with this video. Zander is so amazing!!!

30-min 1080p widescreen. Actual video is much higher quality than MV preview. Full half hour of incredibly sexy, playful girl-on-girl fun! Zander gets tied up, fucked, tormented, and then squirted on, by her hot girlfriend Elixir. View all the action from THREE different camera angles (we edited this one like total pros!) After a good spanking, Elixir cuffs Zander to the bed, then uses her body as she pleases. Face sitting, fingering, nipple clamps, little whips, vibrator torment, POV views, and lots of sweet tender kissing. Finally, Elixir is so turned on that she fucks herself hard until her pussy is squirting and gushing cum all over Zander