Adorable Amber Ivy swallows my soul!

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Brock Doom

American / West Hollywood, CA
294 5.0
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zemisus - Top reviewer Jul 12 2016
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Perfect red lipstick blowjob video

Brock Doom Jul 13 2016

Thank you! So glad that you enjoyed it!

I love when my scene partner takes it all the way, and has serious fun doing it... And oh man, when it comes to cumshots, I always love it when my gal pal swallows. It's the romantic thing to do! After an incredibly awesome blowjob administered by the expert skills and delicious lips of gorgeous goth babe, Amber Ivy, I bust a huge load of my man milk into her eager mouth. Who wouldn't? Amber shows my love juice off in her happy mouth, and then swallows it hungrily, as she continues to wield my dick like it's her own personal play toy... And it is! You'll be dreaming that it was your cock she just sucked off. An amazing lil' scene that's another excerpt from one of my latest full scenes! See it, then see the full clip when it premieres! Sooo sexyyyy!