Friend- Zoned for Life

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You are really such an inferior beta. You’re the type of guy who hangs around in the background, no one really pays attention to you. No one notices when you leave the party and the only reason you went was to support one of your girlfriends. And by girl friends, I mean girls who are friends. You have a lot of those; don’t you? It’s like they always say at the end of a first date, “You’re really such a nice guy.” But that line is inevitably followed up with, “but I’m just not attracted to you like that. I hope we can still be friends.” You have friend-zone stamped on your forehead. You ooze sensitivity and seriously lack any significant testosterone. You’re such a good listener and are constantly tormented by girlfriends who need a shoulder to cry on. They’re usually crying about the men in their lives and despite how upset they are, they wipe their noses on your sleeve and go back to that gorgeous, big-dicked stud of a man. Does it surprise you that they never choose you? Always the friend, never the boyfriend. You’re not a man. You’re a beta. And because of it, you’ve been friend-zoned for life.