Teeth Cleaning - Angel Lee


Angel Lee

10:41 min - Jun 21 - .WMV - 289.44 MB


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This was a custom and if you would like your own, please send your script to the email above! Angel checks out her teeth to see if they need to be taken care of. She pulls her lips in all sorts of directions before grabbing her toothbrush. Back and forth and in tight little circles she rubs the brush against her pearly whites. The toothpaste bubbles as she dives into every little nook and cranny and she even pulls her lips up with her fingers to get in deeper. She bends down to spit as the saliva builds up and keeps brushing. A dental floss pick is inserted between each tooth as she pokes and prods her gums. A big smile crosses her face when they are all clean. Other Keywords: Angel Lee, tooth fetish, bubbles, gum fetish, flossing, flossing fetish, extreme closeups, blonde, blond, voyeur, voyeur cam, voyeuristic, candid, lip smelling, tongue fetish
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