Sensual First Time CEI


Tammie Madison

American / UK
15:22 min - Jul 13 - .MP4 - 684.97 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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I love making you cum for me. It's so good seeing the pleasure pouring out of you and the look of ecstasy on your face. Well, I think we should step it up a notch. I want to extend that moment of release for you by adding another part to the ending. I'm going to add the taste of your ecstasy to your enjoyment. You're going to eat your cum for me. So, are you ready to add this new level to your pleasure? Don't worry about it being your first time. I'll make this a gentle, sweet, and sensual experience for you, guiding you through every stroke, and making you crave the taste of cum every time you jerk for me.