Talk Dirty to You While I Fuck Myself

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364 5.0
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xviper73 Nov 18 2016
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Love the dirty talk. The action with the dildo is so hot, gets me every time. More perfection from the perfect woman.

F0xdie231 - Top reviewer Nov 9 2016
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Awesome video love the way you strip and dirty talk and awesome bj scene at the end though it could've been better if it was shot in pov overall awesome video looking forward to more of your work In the future

Doctor Insano - Top reviewer Nov 6 2016
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Sweat Baby Jesus!!!! This vid is unbelievably hot and delivers on everything it promises.I love where it takes place as we get to see Naughty 1NextDoor bed room which adds to the feel and mood of this vid.It has a nice smooth flow to it as well her masturbation go uninterrupted until she cums.When Naughty take of her clothes,we lay eyes on her body that looks like it was carved out of stone!Her hair and make up look flawless in this vid as well.I enjoyed watching this scene so much and I tell you this is a must have so give it a buy!!!

jarya5 - Top reviewer Aug 6 2016
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I love listening to the Naughty 1 beg for my cock while she fingers her sweet pussy! Once she takes the dildo out and starts sucking on that, the video gets so much better.

A 10+ minute video of me stripping to my birthday suit, then fucking and sucking my 8" dildo while I tell you how good it feels inside me. I'm a dirty talking little slut...and I'm all yours!!