Your Slutty Sister Sarah Loves to Tease



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Your Slutty Sister Sarah Loves to Tease You ::This was a custom video for fan Sam:: "Let's make a point in this video of how much Sarah is going to tease me in the future, making me perpetually a big throbbing mess when I'm around her but I'll never know if/when you're going to help me with it. The last custom video you made me, Sarah finally decided to start "servicing" me whenever I got obviously excited around her perfect sexy body, let's make the context here that that went on for a couple weeks, but tapered off and now it's been weeks since you've helped me with my cock and as a result my obvious lust and frustration and horniness have gotten even more obscene, now that every time I'm teased by your perfect body, I have the memory and the knowledge of how perfect your slutty skills are and what an expert cock-drainer you are. But you've obviously been having the time of your life, watching me struggle to maintain my composure around you while my cock throbs and aches and leaks in my pants for you. Now finally after weeks of that frustration, this video is going to lead up to you giving me a handjob, talking about your perfect cocksucking skills and your amazing mouth, teasing me talking about the possibility of you blowing me again, talking like maybe you'll suck me off right now, but after just a bit of jacking me off with your skilled hands and talking dirty, i'm so overstimulated that I can't hold back and explode just from a handjob. And then emphasize that that's too bad, and show me mock pity, because who KNOWS when the next time you'll be willing to play with my aching dick will be, but you know I'll be sooo overexcited whenever you're around, remembering this. Be sure to talk about your big round perfect fat white ass on your short & curvy frame, and your big fake tits (which are still fairly recent) When talking about sucking/fucking/jacking off my friends, some of their names are: colin, jeremy, mitchell, ian. when talking about fucking with my friends & other guys, talk about how they respond to you, how when you take them into your expert mouth, their head flops back and their eyes roll back in their head (that's a specific imagery that i really like), when you ride them so that your huge jiggly ass shakes on your little frame, or your big fake tits shake in their face, either way a lot of men/my friends can't control themselves and pump you full of cum long before they want it to be over. One time in a show we had talked about you seducing/sucking some of my friends right in front of me while I stood there stuck between horribly embarrassed and uncontrollably turned on, if we have time for that to be the lead-in to jacking me off here that would be hot - but if that starts to be too much for 10 minutes, we can reserve that for another video. I really want to focus alot here on how wild I've been driven by getting a taste of your skills, but now being denied for weeks, before you finally start stroking me off, and in particular talking about the future and how i'm going to continue to be uncontrollably horny for you all the time, never knowing when the next opportunity will be. You do a really wonderful job describing scenarios where you'll drive me absolutely wild, talking about the slutty stuff you'll do and how my dick will throb & leak in my pants."