My First Anal Adventure! HD

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Uberlover Jul 12 2016
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Lexi manages to be both sweet and naughty at the same time. She's a natural at teasing, and she clearly conveys her excitement and pleasure. Without a script, she just lets herself go, but she makes sure to look you in the eye every now and then, to make sure you're paying attention. Impossible not to.

hermes_88 Jan 26 2018
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Few things quite as nice as watching someone learning to enjoy anal play.
Helps that it's a perfectly gorgeous woman who has a high standard for content quality on top of that.

Msptfv Feb 20 2017
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Some of the best anal play I've ever seen. Beautiful girl. Needs more videos for me to watch

aussieandyx Jul 15 2016
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Just...I can't even...WOW!! This is one seriously hot video! Lexi's venturing into new territory and is she doing it in style or what?!
Get this vid now, cause you will not regret it!

kagejohn Jul 14 2016
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she does a great job at playing with her ass and the video has a very unexpected but lovely ending

Boondog19 Sep 11 2016
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If you are looking for an 'anal' video where you first reaction is, "OMG that's never going to fit!" then this
isn't the video for you.
This is a 'pretty' video that is beautifully shot. There is nothing graphic or shocking about the video, just a very
stunning girl trying something new for the first time. The colors are particularly vibrant and give the video a very distinctive
visual style. Princess Lexi looks amazing, anyone who has ever watched her cam shows will appreciate seeing her in
vibrant HD quality.

HereForAlexisWilde deleted Aug 11 2016
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Lexi somehow remained innocent looking throughout the entire video while being extremely naughty at the same time. The outfit Lexi chose is stunning; I would have been happy to watch her walk around her room in it and I would have paid the same for it.

While it compares to most anal videos, this has to be in my top 5 just due to the way Lexi handles herself. Not to mention her eyes staring down at the camera are beautiful.

Bigb913 Aug 7 2016
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Simply perfect. You have a beautiful body

jersch127 Jul 15 2016
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Very good video. 10/10. Also not enough blood for writing a good review left.

Luna4Lexi Jul 14 2016
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Wow !! So Gorgeous... Should have a Warning before putting that much beauty on the screen at one time.. Lexi has on an incredible outfit with a fantastic smile !!! She is so natural in this video, and that's very sexy and exciting. She has such a sweet & expressive face. This is an amazing, incredible & intense video !!

No theatrics, no script, just me. This is legitimately my first time trying anything anally past buttplugs, and I decided to film it! I start by undressing down a sheer, crotchless playsuit. From there I use my fingers and a glass dildo in my butt, before using the glass dildo and a hitachi style wand to cum! A thoroughly enjoyable experience, and I wanted to be able to share it with you guys!