Encina second cake party part 1



American / Arizona
5:00 min - Jul 13 - .MP4 - 217.23 MB


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This video is Encina's second cake shoot with MessyHot, but the first to be published on manyvids. In part 1 we are re-introduced with Encina who is ultra gorgeous as always showing us her huge cake. She strips down with the sun reflecting amazingly off her ultra bright red hair. Wanting to cool off her feet from the Arizona summer heat she steps in the cake to relieve some temperature than sat her glorious ass into the cake wiggling around and covering herself from top to bottom. Handfuls of cake and frosting go everywhere and she stuffs her mouth before turning around to wiggle her ass and sit in the cake again, then bends over and smears some in her ass crack. The fact that the cake was custard filled made things even more delightfully messy. With the cake more or less destroyed, she pulls out the purple frosting and makes what can only be described as delicious art with it and the blue frosting. By the end she is not only dripping in cake and frosting, she is oozing pure sensuality.