6 Shooter

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Fuzzymonkey2985 - Top reviewer Oct 8 2016
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Great handjob amazing cumshots

WARNING!!! GRAPHIC FOOTAGE OF TWO 18 YEAR OLD GIRLS MILKING A RIDICULOUSLY HUGE CUMSHOT!! THESE GRADE 12 STUDENTS INVITED A BOY TO ABBY'S HOUSE AFTER SCHOOL.... AND THEY PLAYED WITH HIS COCK UNTIL THEY MADE IT RAIN CUM!!! This is graphic footage of what two 18 Year Old Girls did after school one day!! Abby and Gemma are Grade 12 Students who asked a boy from their History class to come back to Abby's house....and let them play with his cock. The Girls....both wearing short shorts have all kinds of fun playing with the boy's cock!! The Girls use their Hands....the Girls use their Feet....the Girls get close up looks at the throbbing and twitching penis....and then the Girls lift up their shirts and show their boobies to the boy.....and BOOM!!! The Girls make the cock start Shooting boy goo everywhere!!! The Girls cause Six Separate Cumblasts as they giggle at the sperm flying all around Abby's garage. VERY HOT clip....don't miss this one boys!!!!