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COCK-TEASING DOESN'T PAY!!! BRATTY SISTER CADENCE FINDS OUT THE HARD WAY!!! WHEN HER BROTHER FINDS OUT HER SECRET SHE MUST JERK HIM OFF TO KEEP HIM QUIET!!! Cadence likes to walk around the house in short shorts. REALLY SHORT SHORTS! Cadence is a little cock-teaser. She thinks its funny. Her brother Conor is at that age where boners come easily and he has been noticing his baby sister lately. Conor confronts Cadence about her choice of provocative clothing which amuses Cadence and she laughs at him, You are such a booger head, you're getting a hard-on over your own sister? she says. Cadence continues to laugh at Conor, but Conor is about to get the last laugh! Apparently Cadence has been stealing money from Moms purse and Conor filmed her doing so on his iPhone. Conor shows Cadence the incriminating video and threatens to show it to Mom. Cadence tells Conor that he must erase the video immediately. Connor blackmails Cadence. He tells he will erase the video just as soon as his cock-teasing baby sister JERKS HIM OFF! Cadence knows that Mom will ground her if she finds out that Cadence has been stealing money from her so she is left with no choice, she must milk her disgusting, perverted brother!