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German / Florida
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You are a new hire at my company. I am a powerful, hot, and seductive boss. You are a young, horny guy that always is jerking off at break or any opportunity you can. You have no idea that your hot boss is a sex addict , especially with new, young, hires. It's your one year evaluation and you are called into my office. I am wearing Christian Louboutin high heels, push up bra, lace see thru top, and the tightest pencil skirt. You are sitting across from me staring at my cleavage about to pop out of my bra and you catch a glimpse of my tiniest micro panties. You immediately get hard. But to your surprise, I am teasing and seducing your young cock. I tell you that this evaluation with be different than any other you have ever had. And get ready, I am moving your office next door because this ball draining and pussy eating will be a common thing, and I don't care who is at home...whether you are married with kids or not....I now own your hard cock and you will do as I say....when I say it...understand??? ENJOY!