Jessica Starling
Freebie Tuesday

Crack Addict

10:44 min - Sep 28 - .WMV - 661.02 MB


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WARNING!!! THIS CLIP CONTAINS EXTENDED GRAPHIC FOOTAGE OF A BOY LICKING A GIRL'S ASSHOLE!!! VICTORIA CATCHES HER BROTHER SNIFFING HER DIRTY PANTIES.... SO SHE CHARGES HIM $400 TO EAT HER ASS OUT...AND SATISFY HIS "CRACK ADDICTION"!! THEN SHE CHARGES HIM AN ADDITIONAL $1OO TO JERK HIM OFF WITH HER FEET IN HIS FACE!! Victoria catches Her Brother Richie sniffing Her Dirty Panties in Her bedroom!!! It turns out Richie is Addicted to his Sister's Asshole....his Sister's Crack....Richie is a Crack Addict!!! Victoria catches him in the act and scolds him for being such a Pervert. Victoria then decides to take advantage of his Addiction...and She offers to let him Lick Her Asshole for $400!!! That is most of his money in the whole World...but Richie is he coughs up the money....and Victoria lets him Lick Her Asshole Big Time!!! Victoria Facesits him....She sticks Her Ass in the air Doggie-Style for Richie to eat....She lies flat on Her tummy and lets him go to town on Her Asshole.....and after a while She tells him "That's got your money's worth...." Poor Richie got so turned on by Satisfying his Crack Addiction, that he has a big boner!! He pleads with his Sister not to leave him like enterprising young Victoria offers to Jerk him Off for an additional $100. Victoria takes the money and proceeds to Jerk him Off....but as She a "bonus" for Her Perverted Brother....She Shoves Her Feet in his face!!! Richie eagerly Sucks on his Sister's soft, sexy Feet as She Beats the cum out of him. Victoria is $500 Richer....and Her Asshole is sparkling clean...the Girls win again!!!