Cream My Feet

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JULIA PLACES A POSTING ON CRAIGSLIST LOOKING FOR A "SPERM DONOR", WHEN SHE GETS ONE....SHE EXPLAINS HIS TASK...LET ME JERK YOU OFF ALL OVER MY FEET!!!! When Julia sees a show on TV that tells her that sperm is good for your Feet.....She, of course, needs sperm right away!!!! Desperate times call for Desperate Julia places a posting on Craigslist that says "Sperm Donor Wanted By Hot Young Blond Girl". Boys being.......well......stupid only takes 2 seconds...yes 2 seconds (!!!!!) before She gets a response. Immediately after Julia gives her address to the respondent.....a boy arrives at the door....eager to "Donate" his sperm to the cute little blonde Girl. He, of course, thinks that She wants to get pregnant and have a baby...and his job is to Fuck Her and cum inside Her....but he quickly finds out that Julia is a Jerky Girl...and his mission is to keep his mouth shut, while Julia Jerks his load onto Her Feet and rubs it in!!! That's exactly what Julia does.....She extracts the precious elixir from the boy's testicles....and then sends him on his way....after thoroughly rubbing it into Her Feet!!