Double Milking

8:29 min - Aug 04 - .WMV - 504.49 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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ZOE CAUSES A BOY TO CUM TWICE IN 8 MINUTES!!!! ZOE IS AN EJACULATION SPECIALIST!!! Zoe gives a Demonstration on how to "Make a boy to Cum Twice"!!! With a helpless boy strapped down, and at Her mercy....Zoe's mission is to empty his balls 8 Minutes!! Zoe begins to Jerk his cock....and the fool gets hard immediately....Zoe smiles....thinking that Her task will be easy. Zoe milks the first ejaculation....and doesn't even stop!! She uses the cum from the first ejaculation as lubricant...and continues to Dominate the boy's cock. To "encourage" the boy to spill another load....Zoe does two things. She removes Her Bikini Top, so the boy can see Her MASSIVE Tits.....then She sits Her Ass down on his face. Zoe is able to easily casue the boy to make a second, painful ejaculation. The boy yelps in pain as his balls are emptied for the second time in 8 minutes. Chicks SO Rule!!!