Sexual Harassment

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DANICA IS IN HEAT...AND NEEDS TO BE FUCKED.... SO SHE TIES UP A MALE EMPLOYEE....COVERS HIS MOUTH WITH DUCT TAPE.... AND ADMINISTERS SEXUAL HARASSMENT!!!! What happens when a male Employee wants to go home @ 5:00 on a Friday....and his Wife is in the Parking Lot waiting for him.....but his HOT Female Boss wants to have sexual Intercourse with him??? SEXUAL HARASSMENT happens!!!! Ha Ha Ha. Danica is in Heat....and when Danica is in Heat....She needs to be Fucked. She tells this lowly Employee, Kevin, that he is going to be the one to give Her what She wants. Kevin refuses Her advances....but Danica does NOT take "no" for an answer. She threatens to Fire him, as She matter-of-factly ties him up!! When the lowly male continues to protest when he is tied up....Danica covers his mouth with Duct Tape....and proceeds to Raip him!! He is Ridden hard against his will by Danica until She has satisfied Herself. Danica climbs off him and Milks his semen onto Her Panties...threatening to show the excrement to his Wife if he tries to tell anyone about what happened. The Girls win again!!