Full Moon Jerk Fever

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ALAINA CONVINCES HER OLDER BROTHER TO LET HER JERK HIM BECAUSE SHE HAS... "FULL MOON JERK FEVER"!!! THE ANNOYING LITTLE BRAT SPLATTERS HER BROTHER IN THE FACE WITH HIS OWN CUM!!!! OH WELL....WHAT ARE BABY SISTERS FOR????!!!! We all know that Baby Sisters can be Bratty......and even annoying....but little Alaina takes it a step further!! Alaina climbs in bed with Her older Brother Russ and begs him to let Her Jerk him Off. She claims to have "Full Moon Jerk Fever"....something, being a Jerky Girl, that She gets every time there is a Full Moon...but tonight, Her boyfriend is out of town....so She begs Russ for the use of his cock, to "cure" Her Full Moon Jerk Fever. Russ initially turns Her down, but the little Brat rubs his crotch...then the little Brat flashes her Boobies...and finally he agrees to let Her pull his cock. Alaina is happy and relieved to be able to Jerk. Since She is a Bratty Baby Sister, She shoves Her stinky feet in Her brother's face....and to top things off......the annoying Baby Sister shoots her brother in the face with his cum!!! Alaina is the Brat of all Brats....as She aims a Massive Cumblast right at Her brother's face!!! You can hear the cum go SPLAT on his face!!! With that...he kicks his annoying Baby Sister out of his room! To top things off....Russ checks his phone as he lies there covered in his own excrement.....and discovers that there is NOT a Full Moon tonight!!! What a BRAT!!!!!!!