Hand Smothered Hand Milked

9:04 min - Oct 04 - .WMV - 537.66 MB


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BRIELLE TALKS ABOUT THE FEMININE ART OF SMOTHERING A BOY'S MOUTH THEN SHE GIVES US A FIRST HAND DEMONSTRATION OF HER FAVORITE HAND OVER MOUTH POSITIONS!!!....WHILE MILKING A BOY FEMALE SUPERIOR STYLE!!! Meet brand new Jerky Girl, Brielle. Brielle likes to Jerk-Off boys....and like all of us....She hates it when boys talk!!! Boys are to be Milked and NOT heard!! Brielle gives an interview....followed by a tutorial demonstration....on how to administer Hand Over Mouth Domination!!! Brielle first talks about Her love of Jerking-Off boys.....and She tells Nancy, our Director "I hate when they talk....all they talk about is sports...and boobs....". When a boy is brought in for Brielle to "play with"....She demonstrates some of Her Favorite Hand Over Mouth Positions. Brielle proceeds to Milk this boy with Her Hand Firmly Smothering his mouth....and semen is extracted without having to hear this one make a sound!! Nancy congratulates Brielle on a Female Superior Milking!!!! Chicks Rule!!!