Goddess Eva

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WARNING : THE GUINESS PEOPLE HAVE JUST CONFIRMED.....GODDESS EVA IS THE PRETTIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD!!! THE GODDESS MAKES 2 MEMBERS OF HER HAREM COMPETE...FOR THE PRIVELEGE OF A WEEKLY MILKING. THE TINY GODDESS DISPENSES A MILKING THAT GOES ON FOR ALMOST 15 SECONDS!! All Hail Goddess Eva!!! This little Princess will definitely steal your hearts boys!!! Goddess Eva has Her own Harem.....a group of men who only exist to Worship the Goddess. Their only reward....is a weekly Milking from Goddess Eva's Right Hand. This week, however....Goddess Eva is wickedly cruel......She singles out 2 members of Her Harem.....and decides that She will only dispense ONE Milking between these two. The two men are told they must compete to earn their weekly Milking.....by Worshipping the Goddess from head to toe....and the winner shall receive a Milking....while the loser must wait another week. Goddess Eva lies back and enjoys the exuberant display of affection from the two eager & desperate men. They ask permission to kiss Her Goddess Pussy...and She, of course denies that permission. They are not worthy. Goddess Eva makes Her decision.... dispels the loser, and inspects the scrotum of the winner, to make sure there is 7 days of filth for the Goddess to extract....and then Goddess Eva Milks the boy goo from the Slave's cock. The Milking goes on for almost 15 seconds....after which Goddess Eva instructs the lowly Slave to run Her Bath for Her. WARNING : Goddess Eva could be the prettiest Girl that ever walked on Planet Earth!!!!