Lisa Makes Cum

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429 5.0
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Fuzzymonkey2985 - Top reviewer Sep 4 2016
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Great handjob with a nice load

SOME GIRLS LIKE TO MAKE COOKIES....SOME GIRLS LIKE TO MAKE BROWNIES... LISA LIKES TO MAKE CUM!!!!! Lisa and Her boyfriend have been together for 4 months.....and to celebrate their "4 month Anniversary"..... Lisa wants to make him cum with Her hand!!! Problem is....Jerky Girl Lisa has been Jerking him Off CONSTANTLY since they met.....3.....4 sometimes 5 and 6 times a day!! He is tired and just wants to read...but Lisa gives him the big "Pout" and insists that She be able to Jerk on their 4 month Anniversary. He gives into Her (what choice does he have??)....and lets Lisa do Her thing. Lisa's thing is Jerking and Laughing.....Jerking and Laughing....until Lisa gets what She wants.....CUM!!!! Lisa loves to make cum!!!!