My Three Sons Episode 3

17:39 min - Aug 27 - .WMV - 1.05 GB


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Poor Mrs. Stone continues to have trouble raising Her "Three Sons"!! In Episode 3, Sonny, Chad & Dante are playing Battleship in the Game Room, when Mrs. Stone returns home from work. Mrs. Stone is furious that the lawn was not mowed!!! She must determine which of Her Sons had "Mow The Lawn" on his list of chores. After grilling the boys....She finds out that it is Dante who is to blame. The other boys are dismissed....and Dante is brought over to the Spanking Seat. Mrs. Stone puts Her middle Son over Her knee and gives him a sound thrashing!!! His Ass is lit up!!! Since this is not his first trip to the Spanking Seat...and since he doesn't seem to learn his lesson.....Mom decides that his punishment needs to be more little Sister Mallory is called in. Mrs. Stone orders Dante to get over his Sister's knee....and Mallory giggles as She gives Her Brother a good beating too!! To further punish & humiliate Her Son....Mrs. Stone tells him that he is going to be Masturbated to completion by his Mom & his Sister....and the only way to make it to ejaculate for them!! Dante is horrified as his Mom and Sister Jerk his cock, and made him to Worship their Tits. He begs and begs for them to stop....saying that he will not only mow the lawn right now....he'll do all his Brother's chores too.....but it's too late. The only way for the nightmare to to make an embarrassing ejaculation into his Mother's Hand, while his little Sister laughs at him!!