Smokin Hot Girl

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DILLON CARTERS TITS ARE 100% REAL...AND VERY SPECTACULAR!!! SHE GIVES THIS CUSTOMER FEET IN THE FACE....A VIEW OF HER TITS.... THEN SHE FIRMLY SHUTS HIM UP AND YANKS A LOAD OUT OF HIM!!! It's Dillon's first day at the Jerky Girls Massage Parlor. This is Dillon's Dream Job....because Dillon LOVES to Jerk-Off boys!!! Dillon starts by engaging in some small talk with the Customer...and then asking him to flip over. Dillon reaches underneath the towel, and grabs the Customer's cock, and informs him that Milkings are MANDATORY at the Jerky Girls Massage Parlor...that he has no choice. The Customer lets Dillon play with his cock. Next, Dillon "up-sells" the Customer, by offering to show Her Tits for an extra $50........(Dillon's Tits are 100% Real....and SPECTACULAR!!!)....and then She offers him the honor of having Her Feet in his face for yet another $50...which he eagerly agrees to. Once Dillon has given him $50 worthy of Hot Girl Feet in his face.....She begins the final Milking which point She firmly covers his mouth, and tells him that Hand Over Mouth Domination is MANDATORY during Milking.....because Girls don't like to hear boys speak while they are being Milked. Dillon finishes the job by Yanking the boy goo out of the customer as his muffled screams fill the room. Welcome to Jerky Girls Dillon!!!