Freebie Tuesday

Farting Friends


Katy Churchill

Canadian / Vancouver BC
8:01 min - Sep 29 - .MP4 - 843.77 MB


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Sophia and I are having a sleepover, and it's finally time for bed. The only problem is that my belly is full of gas! I can't stop cracking off stinky farts, and Sophia is sick of smelling them! She pummels me with a pillow, kicks my smelly butt, and finally tells me I have to stand outside until I am finished farting. I promise her that I am all done with farting, and she lets me back into the bed, but I saved one last one and I trick her with a Dutch Oven, pushing her under the blankets to smell my putrid gas! Have I had the last laugh, or does Sophia have a plan to get me back? Find out with this video...