The Babysitter

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18 YEAR OLD BABYSITTER OFFERS TO RELIEVE MR. DANIEL'S STRESS WITH HER HAND!! TELLULAH JERKS HIS COCK....SHE EVEN LETS HIM LOOK AT HER SPECTACULAR YOUNG TITS!!! Mr. Daniels has been going through a rough time recently. His marriage is over....and he is now a single Parent. He is going out for an evening, and his long term Babysitter, Tellulah....who has just turned 18....arrives at his house. Mr. Daniels is going over his schedule with Tellulah and She senses that he has been under a lot of stress. Being the sweet, kind hearted Girl that She is....Tellulah offers to relieve some of his tension with Her Hand!! The young Babysitter gently strokes the big cock...even offering to pull her shirt down to give him a view of Her perfect, soft, smooth, silky white Tits. The 18 Year Old Babysitter milks a Big Cumblast out of Mr. Daniels. What a sweet, young Girl!!!