Freebie Tuesday

Bodysuit Babe

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Melody Kush

Canadian / Montreal
1,630 4.8
8:09 min - Jun 18 - .MP4 - 662.36 MB


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Raymund Jul 14 2016

Awesome video Mel, Cool atmosphere with the music and lighting.
Although I'm not surprised cause all your vids are A+

Melody Kush Jul 14 2016

Thanks Ray!!!!! :D xx

johncage1024 Jul 14 2016
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Technical stuff first:
File format: mp4
Resolution: 1080p / full HD / 1920x1080
Frame rate: 60fps
Duration: 08:09min
Lighting, Focus, Color, ...: perfect
Camera movement, angle, ...: camera is stationary at a nice distance and angle, with mid range and close up scenes
Cuts/Transitions: nice smooth cross-fades
Sound: Piano music, that creates a very nice atmosphere perfectly matching the scene.

Overall: This video is just another example of the great effort Melody puts in her work always producing outstanding content.

Melody is wearing a black bodysuit and black knee high socks with an intricate pattern.
She slowly and seductively lolls on a fluffy blanket in front of a Japanese style white room divider and is teasing the viewer in mid-range and closeup shots, playing with her hair, her outfit, and a hand fan and even gives her wonderful tushy some spanks.

If you want to see Melody live and chat with her, have a look at, say hi to her and let her know how much you liked the video. :)

Dutchmonkey Jul 14 2016
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Nice vid, nice edit, aspecially almost to the end when you fade out and then start another part... that i like mostly... xxx

Raymund Jul 14 2016
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Awesome tease video, really enjoyed it. <3

heavyC007 Jul 14 2016
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The choice of background music, mood lighting and oufit. Top notch! And the shear sensuality of the tease from beginning to end. From the playful batting of the fan, to the light spanks. Simply divine! Overall, an amazing video by the wonderful Melody Kush.

ddiequez Jul 14 2016
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Great Video. You are a sweet lady and cool as hell for posting this. (Well, you are cool whether or not you posted this video)

Melody Kush Jul 14 2016

hahahhahaha thanks hun :P :)

penguinmane - Top reviewer Jul 14 2016
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love the vid, from an amazing model at that. Putting the awesome vid on repeat now :D

Hotguy_86 Aug 11 2016
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Great Video from a beautiful and sexy Woman ;) Dont get sad because one Asshole dont like your work, look at all the other Reviews and you can see a lot of People love your work, me included ;)

Alex Coal Aug 8 2016
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This video is, unsurprisingly, gorgeous and amazing. If you haven't watched it you need to.

You're a beautiful person. The kindness you show people is incredible, and so is the amount of work you put into your content. I look up to you as a role model in this industry and I know other people do as well. Thank you for being you.

Lucas323 Jul 17 2016
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Like all of Melody's previous vids this one delivers in every way and then some. Melody strikes a perfect balance here between giving you everything one could want, but also leave you feeling like you barely got a taste. It's really amazing, and in my opinion is a testament to the quality of Melody's work and her skill as a performer and editor.

bigj1962 Jul 16 2016
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A great addition to all the other vidieos. Nothing like a good tease.

Mizzermx - Top reviewer Jul 16 2016
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A nice sensual tease with a bit of nudity. Melody does a fantastic job in this video.

Khloee Jul 16 2016
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Melody is an absolute BABE! Every man is missing out if they are not already a loyal customer of hers! <3

Melody Kush Jul 16 2016

Oh myyyy thanks sweetie!!! *blushes* 😄 xx!

Felony Havoc Jul 16 2016
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Melody Kush is always beautiful and sensual; This video is true to her alluring nature and a must see!

Melody Kush Jul 16 2016

Omigosh thank youuuu 😘

Kazegara Aug 11 2016
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A discrete colored light with a calm music to create THE perfect atmosphere for a sensual video with a lots of tease...
I'm completely in love with that !
Well done Melody :)

_Reviewer - Top reviewer Oct 18 2016
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Very erotic video with some great music too! This video is surprisingly relaxing as well as being very sexy!

saintaugustine Oct 15 2016
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Melody Kush is your goddess. Don't fight it.

straightog deleted Aug 11 2016
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Worst video ever would not buy content from this person !

An artistic, slow mo style, 8 min sensual tease only vid with a bit of full nudity at the end :) XOXO More vids on