Junk Trim Tutorial

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2,111 5.0
17:45 min - Jul 14 - .MOV - 256.02 MB - 720x480


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adrax3 Nov 19 2016

I hope you become inspired to create more videos.  You seem like a very hotly interesting person!

adrax3 - Top reviewer Nov 19 2016
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I wish you hadn't trimmed your beautiful firecrotch, but then we wouldn't have a video! I would act incredulous as to why you would want to diminish your natural beauty, but obviously, comfort and practicality are important not just for attractive ladies, but for dudes like me who like to occasionally manscape as well. This was a great everyday sexy showcase of your normal sexy existence!

carloskramer Jul 14 2016
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i'd never thought trimming ones pubes could be so awkward and funny. solid first offering!

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you are so hot Wut. the bobs and vagene are 11/10. this video had me mesmerized and captivated. i would like to see more videos from you

Watch me awkwardly bend around while trying to trim my junk hair. First of many weird videos to come, I'm sure