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Flawless Melissa

American / Las Vegas
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LLELLE Nov 28 2016

Hi, i want a video of you trying to do some pullups, pushups, situps (reslly trying and struggling especialy pullups), i'll buy them if you post)

bazinga95 Jul 18 2016

you're so hot! hope you will gain more. i think i'm goin to buy this

Clip 1- Gainer Girl Weigh In I went to try on my favorite jeans today. I noticed they were pretty snug. So I figured its about time for a weigh in. I do not watch my weight on a daily basis. So I wanted to see where I was at. While showing off my how jiggly body. My Sexy bulging belly. My hot fat ass. I show myself sitting, bending over. All my perfect folds. ******* Clip 2 - Gainer Girl Jeans DO Not FIT NOTHING FITS. I am to the point of no return. Must get a whole new wardrobe. Watch as I struggle to put these jeans on. Then my leather pants, then my favorite jeans of all time. Which i included some photos on me in the jeans about 3 years ago. To show the total Difference in my body.. ******* Clip 3 - Wedding Dress 3 Years Later HUGE GAIN 3 Years Ago TODAY I got Married in THIS DRESS. Lets see how it fits me today. Lets see my reaction to how my dress fits and all the weight i have gained in 3 years. This includes photos of me on my wedding day in this dress. (This is my best clip EVER) Tweet it, Buy It, Push It to The Top 50
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