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Welcome. This is the beginning of your journey. A journey into total mental slavery. This is a video that will introduce you into the world of trance. You have ideas of obedience, or even ruin, on behalf of a beautiful Domme like me. If you have never heard of me or have but are too afraid to purchase one of my videos here is an affordable option to see, hear and worship me. You will think of me every night before you go to bed and think of me first thing when you awake. As you close your eyes to enter trance my body and voice will be in your head, wrapped around your thoughts and feelings. This video will create an addiction that will grow. I will take you under trance and you will feel my control This is real. Very real indeed. I have no problem at all to change your mind, to bend your reality to my needs, to addict you and exploit you. You have been warned. But you want to continue anyway, don’t you? After this video I give you permission to tribute to show your gratitude for allowing you view this video at such a reduced price