Spit Fetish


Phoenix Inflames

American / Florida
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floridafetish deleted Jan 18 2018

mhmmm I drag my daughter into our room by the hair and tell her to get on all 4s then spit on her tiny ass..Looking up to you I nod at her, shes your fucktoy too anything you want..Now spit in her face like the lil fuckslut she is..I slap her in the face and tell her to look at you  just in time so she catches your spit right in the eyes and mouth..

You know you want to taste my spit. Watch as it rolls over my beautiful lips and dribbles down my chin finally resting in my cleavage making my tits all moist and slippery for you. I get so turned on I talk dirty to you and lick and suck my own nipples and rub my saliva into my milky white breasts for you.