SLW Savage Scissor Lesson

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Resolution : 1980 x 1080, Format MP4, Length : 24:52 min. If you enjoy watching a girl as she squeezes, crushes and squashes her victim between her powerful thighs, then this video savage scissor lesson is for you. I thoroughly enjoyed making this clip and got a little carried away at the start. My victim tapped out in first 15 seconds and I was asked if I could ease of as he felt as if his head was being crushed. I really didn't have the heart to tell him that I wasn't even trying, there was a lot more power there. Once we got going he was okay, I think it was the initial shock of the power between my thighs. My legs are my strongest asset, I nearly feel sorry for the guy who looks in pain the whole way through. Every now and then just to remind him who was the boss I turned the power back on, each followed by a tap out and gasp for air. Guess my scissors where just to much to handle.