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Public Flashing and Uber Masturbation 2

111,173 4.9

Lana Rain

American / NYC
111,173 4.9
56:40 min - Jul 14 2016 - .MP4 - 1.52 GB


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EtherWei Mar 26

Bold and sexy!

Oh so nice!  @mollysbedroom :D

pikefunal deleted Dec 2

That sweet pussy

10/10 would bang:-D

I'm about to have someone buy me this as a gift, so serious. Love the public stuff, Lana!

Eva Celeste
Eva Celeste deleted Aug 2 2016

badass Lana

Bigrich11 Aug 1 2016

Good girl, give it a good rub.

MistressGeisha Jul 19 2016

Wow very creative!

Aryana_123 Jul 17 2016


Moocfirefly Jul 17 2016

I am too poor to buy this video it's so frustrating...

lulubunniexoxo Jul 15 2016 (much like I am now saving to get dis!)

I'm having someone buy me this one!

DestinyDiaz Jul 14 2016


DestinyDiaz Jul 14 2016


Doguemastiff Jul 14 2016

About to get it soon. Gonna review in a bit

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daryn_ryan Jul 16 2016
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This girl goes above and beyond what a camgirl normally is and does. This vid is proof. Public flashing is something even porn studios rarely attempt and Lana does it naturally. Love that she loves doing crazy shit.

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If you want exhibition then there isn't anywhere else to go but here.

Steve22011994 deleted Jan 31
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just amazing

waynebruce15 deleted Dec 10
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A venture in pure exhibitionism from the Princess of Perversion

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Loved the video. I have always been fascinated with public masturbation and for Lana to make a video like this blew my mind. I love this girl since she started on CB. Highly recommend this video to anyone interested. Shout out to EightLoaded as well. Love you Lana xoxo.

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Everything was perfect in this video, every minute of it, Lana is perfect overall, keep up the great work Lana!

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Have you ever wanted to see things out in public that you normally wouldn't? This video fills all my niches of content that I wanted to see. Everything form start to finish was erotic and yet fun. She truly loved filming this video you can tell. Her fetishes were all on display for the world to see. A great masterpiece Thank you lana for allowing us to view this.

Souleater20 Aug 21 2016
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this public vid is a good addition to her first one. i would love to see more S-tier vids in the future.

Memphis Man Jul 24 2016
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A great follow-up to her first exhibitionist vid... And a must have for anyone who likes this kink!!!

Infamous_czar - Top reviewer Jul 15 2016
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Let me start by saying wow! Lana makes some of the best videos i have ever seen in my life and everytime she comes out with something new she just seems to make it better! The risk in this video is super high and you can tell that Lana is loving every second of it, trust me when i say picking up this video is probably the best thing you could do for yourself, i assure you that it will be an amazing purchase. You cant go wrong with any of her vids, but the S Tier videos are easily the best things on this site hands down! Keep up the amazing work!

Doguemastiff - Top reviewer Jul 15 2016
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Note; To all the people that are going to report this video. Lana took all the precautions to block out any children, and remove any audio of children.. On to the review.

Sorry I took a while. Needed to analyze this video a lot. Lana has really out done herself this time. Almost a full hour of footage of complete exhibition. This video it the true definition of exhibition. Lana Was really brave and bold to be flashing and masturbating in such populated areas and risk being noticed. She even tells us how she felt for each scene as well, which is great. Now we know her exact feeling towards all her actions.

She did an uber part in her first video, so what do she do in this uber? Make it better. She really goes all out in the uber this time bringing a butt plug and a vibrator. I'm sure the driver could not take her eyes of Lana( but if he did, then that would be a huge problem for traffic.) She came twice as you will see in this video.

Anyway. I shouldn't be giving out too much information. Get this video yourself and experience true exhibition. It is a bit more pricier than her first one, but it has more content, and is twice as long as her first one. Trust me guys. Its worth every penny. Lana. I look forward to want you have in store next, but please do not get caught by the police

Also on a sid enote. Please read the message that appears at the end of the video

cnight Jul 15 2016
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Another hit in my book. I like those little notes too. Keep up the excellent work Lana.

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It's not real exhibitionism, there is more time while she hides, than she shows. No real risk, everytime a person is around she stop showing. Also the last part, while in the park, is more the time when we see that she wait, than the time where she is really doing someting. 75 dollars (with VAT) for a video like this are really too much.

This guy obviously came here to lower the score on purpose. He has high praises for other exhibition videos on manyvids where it was empty of any strangers passing by. That alone makes this rating pretty fishy.

The idea of the video was totally missed: to expose private parts in one of the most populated areas of one of the most populated cities in the world. The only catch was to make sure I didn't go to jail, as NYC is one of the most policed areas in America. There's a cop in almost every two blocks...

[S-Tier][No-Plot][RAW] If you liked my previous exhibition video, "Public Vibrator and Uber Masturbation", then you'll be sure to love this one. I take the riskiness up a level by showing my pussy wherever I can get away with it. Like the other, this took several days of going out to film. I believe that in exhibition there should always be a high risk of strangers seeing. If there isn't any (like choosing places too far away with little to no chances of being seen) then it's not thrilling at all. From showing the bottom part of my naked ass in a short dress at the mall, to masturbating in another Uber ride (everyone seemed to like it as much as I did so I did it again!), to rubbing lifting my dress up and rubbing my naked pussy all over New York City, this video outperforms my first one in every way. To be honest, I don't know how I'm going to outdo this one without actually getting caught by police.... |||||||||||||||||||||||| Some unfortunate things were that I had to downscale the video's maximum resolution from 1080p to 720p due to a 2.1 GB upload limit on ManyVids. The video is almost an hour long of pure content, TWICE the amount of footage as the first S-Tier video.