Daddys Girl Stuffs All Of Her Holes

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1,854 5.0
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Dudley218 - Top reviewer May 10
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The viewer is enticed with a delightful smile accentuated by seductive, smoldering eyes. Then we are further drawn in by incredibly erotic dirty talk. Sally displays her superlative sexual talents for our rapturous pleasure. This is not to be missed!

NigorusFegitsRet - Top reviewer Feb 26
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Seeing all of her holes being used is so hot!!

jarya5 - Top reviewer Aug 29 2016
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This has gotta be Fluffer's magnum opus lol She goes absolutely all out in this! The video just gets more and more extreme as she adds/switches up dildos and culminates in her fucking this massive blue dildo reverse cowgirl and she very nearly is capable of taking it all in. You can see her tight pussy grab on as much as possible when she pulls herself up off it. She ends the video showing her poor, abused pussy and giving her monster dildo a sweet kiss.

Bravo, Fluffer, Bravo!

Watch as I strip down from my cute attire and reveal my inner naughty obedient little slut as I cum once while talking dirty to daddy with my cute butterfly dildo and buttplug. After my first orgasm watch me stuff my pussy with my biggest toy ever (the width of a soda can!) and when my pussy becomes can't bare anymore my buttplug pops out but I'm quick to replace with my other dildo. I start to moan to loud so I shove my butterfly dildo into my mouth to muffle the moans as I cum hard for a second while fucking both of my tight holes