Spending challenge week 22


Ava Black

British / UK
10:04 min - Jul 15 - .WMV - 36.20 MB


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A Dollar a Letter You know, I really do find it tedious when you send me so many emails one after the fucking other even when I don't respond to you! You do know that I have a PA that deals with that ish don't you? But you just don't quit do you? Bet you don't even know how to.... Well this week I give you a chance to send me an email and I promise I will respond to it only if you play this game with me. Quite simply I will respond only if you pay for my response letter by letter. That's letter not word mind you... Oh, and you will have to pay the full amount for your response before I send it to you... So chop chop! send me an email now... I dare you...