Spending challenge week 23


Ava Black

British / UK
6:03 min - Jul 15 - .WMV - 83.08 MB


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You spunk you feed This week coming up is going to be a very tasty one for you! One in which you will acquire a certain taste for a very special brew - namely your own special brew... Haha! You guessed it! Today you get to sample your very own man-juice, your spunk swirly, your jizz! Mmmm, I get excited just thinking about it... You tugging away at your cock like a champ with only one knowledge - that as soon as you spunk you will have to open your mouth and pour it all down the chute! But you have to do it in a very particular way, listen as I explain how you are going to carry out your jizzola guzzle! And duh! You have to tribute first for me to even consider your submission...