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Freebie Tuesday

RETIRED Wet paradise/First squirting

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1,826 5.0
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linjone3091 Jul 17 2016
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This video opens with Luna flirting with the camera, dressed in her blue wig, a loose white blouse and knee socks. She's wearing panties, too, but somehow she seems to make you forget that they're there until she flicks them across the room!

Soon, it's Hitachi time, and, this being Luna, it goes on for a pleasingly long while. But, don't get too carried away as you watch, because there's even better yet to come.

Luna has shown us her glass icicle toy before, in pictures on Twitter and a few glimpses on her Snapchat, but, this is the first time we have gotten to see her actually using the purple glass tentacle for its real purpose! To call it 'impressive' hardly begins to do it justice!

Luna is using it together with her Hitachi and seems to almost go into a trance - although most trances don't include a succession of increasingly wet orgasms until ... well you already know the title that Luna gave the video!

This is probably Luna's best video to date, and that's saying something! Definitely one that all of Luna's many fans should get for their collection, and an excellent introduction for anyone who is new to Luna's videos, too - you won't be disappointed!

This is my first unplanned squirting video ever! :) First I tease you with sucking my finger as I keep an eye contact with you and I start seducing you with my body. I start playing with my hitachi through panties until I don't get so horny that I just can't take it anymore; I take down my panties slowly, infront of you. I tease you with my ass and I spank myself until my cheeks turn red. Then the real fun begins; I use my favourite glass octopus toy. I am sooooooo horny. I fuck myself hard with my toy while I massage my clit with hitachi. I make myself moan a looot until I don't surprise myself with squirting! I did not expect that and I get so excited about it that I continiue playing until I squirt all over again