Big baby bf


Penny Lee

British / Brighton
10:07 min - Jul 15 - .MP4 - 332.83 MB


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Penny, Charley and Dani have come back from a night out to Dani's place, however the other 2 girls have realised there is a god awful smell coming from somewhere but cannot work it out! After mentioning it to Dani she reveals a little secret that while we have been out she has kept her boyfriend in a nappy as a punishment after she found him sniffing her knickers and he has obviously filled it. Amazed by this the girls get Dani to bring him in so they can have a look and to their surprise she is not lying. Standing infront of them is a full grown man in a extremely full nappy, bulging out at the sides and everything. The girls take it in turns to feel the very full nappy and just cannot get over how badly it smells. Penny soon notices that he has got an erection which Dani reveals that he actually fancies her and wants her to change his nappy but she thinks of a great idea that he should put on plastic pants too try hold in the smell. The girls decide that they want to keep him turned on in his stinky nappy with an erection and start to tease him and start playing with each others breasts and sexy bodies. After enough teasing the girls are done with him and decide to go send him off to go upstairs in his stinky Diaper