Sniff after Sniff

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Being under the influence really brings out your submissive tendencies. Your weaker than ever and aching to be toyed with. One way of ensuring you are deep under the influence is by sniffing those akyl nitrates. So your going to sniff hard for me over and over again, sniff after sniff after sniff. I'm going to push deeper than ever. So go on, put that bottle to your nose and inhale nice and deep. Show me how fucked up you can get. I want to cause havoc in that weak mind, I want to twist every submissive tendencies and I want to corrupt any vanilla thoughts. You can't resist me you try so hard not to lose yourself but my curves and those akyl nitrates lure you in. I want you to be obedient, to do as I say, when I say and lose yourself completely. Sniff and listen and obey.