Angel Lee's Balloon Fun 2


Angel Lee

9:55 min - Jun 22 - .WMV - 359.32 MB


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Angel Lee has a lot of pink and black balloons that she wants to play with. She rubs her nails down the rubber to hear the noise. It seems like a good idea to try popping them by sitting on them even though she gets a little nervous because you never know when they are going to pop. She lets the nose of the balloon expand as far as she can between her legs while sitting. The rhythmic bounces cause it to burst beneath her. There is a bouncing off the floor as she falls off balance. A little shriek escapes her mouth because she was caught off guard. Now it is time to use her pointy high heel pumps to pop them and that is very easy! She wants a challenge and uses her short but groomed nails to try to break them. The black ones are so hard to break for some reason and it is fun to watch her try! Other Keywords- panty fetish, inflatables, wrist watch, blond, blonde, long hair, luner, lunar, loonar, tattoo, tat, full back panties, mesh