Binge and escape reality

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Back again, always diverting yourself away from the harsh reality that you live. Repeatedly loitering around the Femdom section, regularly adding to your huge collection of clips this is your escape. It's another evening you are alone, indoors whilst 'normal' people are out socialising, having fun, all the things a little loner like yourself could dream of. So you are lucky enough to have me on your screen, in my hot outfit, teasing you and having a *** together (well kind of, not). Alc0h0l increase your vulnerability, it makes you light headed and uncontrollably weak. How perfect, so grab your strongest bottle of liqor and follow my instructions. As a submissive loser, dri...k REALLY is your enemy! Getting drun..k seems to really bring out the BETA MALE in you, and dru..nk slaves come flocking to me in their hundreds and I love nothing more than twisting your mind further. You don't fit into the normal world but in the Femdom you feel at ease, comfortable and uncontrollably horny. This is why you are a recluse now, spending all day everyday alone trawling the internet and stroking yourself into stupidity over hot, dominant women who are totally out of your league. So gulp up and let me fuel your submissiveness.