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7,368 5.0
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fixedon Aug 2 2016
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First off, just to get it out of the way, I managed to cum twice in my first viewing of this vid. Her look, eyes, lips, technique, breasts and care for cock are some of the best I've seen. Whoever is being blown here is one lucky guy.

She essentially performs a an excellent, tight titty fuck and passionate blowjob, in both the alternating and the OMGSOGOOD simultaneous style. Wish I was there. Kinda want my work day to end so that I can stroke it to this clip again. Consider me officially a fan! Thanks for the fantasy :)

Mojo1909 Feb 3 2017
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Insanely gorgeous tits and perfect technique.

Lightning Rod - Top reviewer Sep 30 2016
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The camera stays close up the whole time as Busty Pie's tits and the cock she's loving on fill the screen. The titfucking doesn't stop even when she leans her head down to suck the cock. She starts with a short hand job, but once she puts the cock in place between her gigantic boobs I'm not sure she touches with her hand again until the end when she milks it for a great cumshot that splatters on her chest!!!

Heyyouheyyou - Top reviewer Aug 27 2016
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Great work from great tits

RFrogger - Top reviewer Aug 10 2016
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She is sooo kind to the dick! It's a closeup video the whole time. I loved imagining what it would feel like to be in between those boobs. I love seeing her face drop down and suck the dick! Love the slurping sounds!!! She made the dick so happy, it bursts with excitement at the end! I was whimpering so good! :)

superNova421 - Top reviewer Jul 17 2016
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I really enjoyed this video. It is well shot and the performance was terrific as is the ending cumshot. The pov angle is great, it makes you feel like you are right there. Great performance! I liked the alternating of the tit fuck and the blowjob . An all round great scene!!!

A very noisy and slobbery titfuckBJ where I use my mouth and my tits to earn a good painting!