LeAnne's Potpourri Volume Two

53:10 min - Nov 11 - .WMV - 1.18 GB


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This Volume has 5 of LeAnne's videos. "LeAnne's Birthday Spanking & More" LeAnne goes over to Ron's house all dressed up and ready to go out on the town so she can celebrate her 22nd birthday. For fun she asks Ron to give her a playful birthday spanking. She ends up getting a bit more of a birthday spanking than she actually wanted. "LeAnne, Foul Mouth Sore Bottom!" LeAnne thought she was old enought to talk back to her mother and call her a bitch. She found out that she's not too old to be put across a man's lap and have her bottom blistered! "LeAnne's Traffic Ticket Spanking!" LeAnne thought she could keep her mother from finding out she got a traffic ticket but that didn't work. Her mother proptly called Ron and told him about the ticket and how much the fine would be. After buying a new dress LeAnne hightails it over to Ron's thinking she's just going to show him her new dress. Instead she's bent over the table and gets her bottom spanked. This time not only with the palm of Ron's hand but this time she tastes his leather belt too. "LeAnne's Late for Work Spanking!" LeAnne, like so many other girls her age, has a hard time getting to work on time. Ron lectured her for a bit and that seemed to work for a little while but in the end it came down to a more direct approach. It was time to once again put her across his lap and teach her a sound lesson by giving her a sound spanking. "LeAnne gets a bedtime spanking!" LeAnne had girls over and they didn't quiet down until 2 am. Her mother told her no loud noises after midnight but LeAnne figured she'd never find out because her mother was out of town. However, the neighbors let her mother know and her mother let Ron know. After Ron found out we all know what happened next.