Smells For Strokes

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54 5.0
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BigBruh702 - Top reviewer Feb 23 2017
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I couldn't even make it halfway through this video without exploding! Watching you blow those burps in my face and then describing how smelly they were was intense! I am a fart-fetish fan but after watching this video, I may be dipping into the burp fetish more often! Also the outfit that you wore was extremely sexy on you!! GREAT video!

IvyStarshyne Feb 23 2017

Thank you! I'm so glad you like this :x

As your Goddess, I am perfect in every way. You know that even my built up funky burps are still golden, something to make your cock twitch. More burps, more smells, more perfection... Let me describe in detail the garlic-flooded meal that I hate earlier. Every burp gets funkier coming your way. You'll have to pull your dick out and stroke for every smell. I need you thinking about me at ALL times, even when you smell things that might not be so appealing in your every day life. Get a good whiff while you stroke... thinking about that smell. You LOVE it.
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